• Aerocell can be torn in a controlled fashion for easy access, just like paper
  • Aerocell film has an overall density of 0.61
  • Aerocell has thermal properties

  • Aerocell is a cavitated high density PE film

  • Aerocell is environmentally friendly due to its low density (40% lighter than standard PE)

  • Can be made breathable

  • Can be manufactured in any Color

  • Keeps food fresh

  • Low density

  • Low surface contact






  • Can be made breathable
  • Can be manufactured in any color
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Low density
  • Low surface contact
  • Thermal properties


Aerocell is a massively superior alternative to standard polyethylene and paper for many different applications:

  • Breathable film for bakeries (keeps crispy bread hot,fresh & dry)
  • Fast food packaging concepts
  • Food packaging
  • Interleaves for fish or meat
  • Sandwich / freezer bags for home or store use Interleaves for highly polished steel


  • aeroceLL bags keep sandwiches, meats and salad, fresh in the fridge for up to one week longer than any other current films on the market
  • Breathable aeroceLL has even been tested and approved for Forensic Science Packaging
  • In bakeries, Breathable aeroceLL keeps crispy bread, fresh & dry and hotter for longer


  • aeroceLL can be made in film weights from 30 to 200g/m2 and is available in any colour
  • aeroceLL can be made in pre-gusseted form
  • aeroceLL film is 40% lighter than normal PE films, hence making it one of the most environmentally friendly films in the world
  • aeroceLL is available in film widths from 250mm up to 1600mm wide in single wound sheet.
  • aeroceLL is reclaimable


  • Low cost = Competitive with equivalent substrates
  • Environmental = Substantial reduction in material consumption, non toxic: recyclable: photodegradable
  • Machinability = Embosses: cuts: creases: thermoforms: micro perforates through treatment
  • Colors = Can be manufactured in any color
  • Prints = When printed, the film creates an embossed effect
  • Combinations = Co Extrudes: laminates: metallizes: adhesive coats and siliconizes
  • Oil Barrier = Substitutes for grease proof paper
  • Insulation = Suited to fast food packaging
  • Cushioning = Provides protection for delicate components
  • In all axial directions  = Resistance to removal minimized due to weakened areas in structure
  • Release  = Substitutes for release papers and adhesive tape substitutes
  • Rigidity = Substitutes for free-standing bags and provides waterproof corrugated board facing
  • Conversion = Allows for conversion on both paper and plastic machinery
  • Dead Fold = Allows for “twist” wrapping: twist bag closure: machine folding & forming
  • Appearance = Attractive: frosted pearlised film
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