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Self-adhesive Laminators

Tech Folien have developed a range of films for self-adhesive coatings (tickness: 60 µm+). The self-adhesive face films have been engineered to have good die cutting and slitting properties. Naturally, depending on the customer’s requirements we can one/both sides corona treat or for more demanding print jobs we can offer top-coated films.


MDV® our partner, have the ability to offer top-coated products (Robuskin®) some of which use our substrates, and which are designed to be printable with all normal printing methods (Flexo, Letterpress, water and solvent based Offset, Screen etc.). It is important that films used for labels have a good dispensability and this has been particularly built into our films.


In addition to our self-adhesive range, we offer label films for tags up to a thickness of 400 µm.


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